Library Card Sign-Up Month Contest 2021

It's Library Card Sign-Up Month and we're celebrating old and NEW library card holders! Did you know that your Lake Forest Library checkout receipt tells you how much money you've saved by using the library? Share your savings by completing the form on this page and be entered in our drawing. One entry per person.

We'll randomly select 1 existing and 1 new library user in each age group. That means six winners will receive a $40 gift card to Lake Forest Book Store!


  • buying everything you borrow and all the equipment you use at the Library,
  • subscribing to all the digital services you access from the Library, and
  • paying for the time and expertise of every librarian who has helped you.

Most patrons find that after just a few visits, they have saved more than the portion of their property tax that goes to support the Library.

No library card? No problem! If you're ready to be a new library user, visit


Share Your Savings!

Age group
Card holder status
Welcome to Lake Forest Library! Happy Saving as you start using your new card.
Your savings are listed at the bottom of your checkout receipt. If you're a new card holder, you can skip this field.
One file only.
10 MB limit.
Allowed types: gif, jpg, png, svg, pdf.