Lit Lorie Loves

Animals Squeezed in a mirror.

A Hole in the Wall by Hans Wilhelm 

The dog can't wait to tell Warthog, Lion, and Elephant about the other dog he saw.  But when the other animals look through the hole, none of them see the same thing.  They argue because each animal is sure the others are wrong.  But it turns out the hole isn't a hole at all--it's a mirror!  

Cat Got A Lot

Cat Got a Lot by Steve Henry 

In this book perfect for emergent readers, Cat wants a fish. He ventures out in search of one and comes across a horn in the window of a music shop that he thinks his neighbor Elephant might like, so Cat buys it. Cat's search for a fish continues when he encounters a bookstore. Certainly, bookworm Dog would enjoy a new book, so Cat buys him one. Cat's sweep of generosity continues as he buys a paintbrush for Bird at an art store and a plant for Rabbit from the florist. In his surge of excitement to give his friends their new gifts, Cat almost forgets to get himself a fish! When Cat returns home and presents his friends with their new things, they are all very happy, which for Cat is the greatest happiness of all. 


Flubby by J.E. Morris 

Flubby, the lovably lazy feline, embarks on his next non-adventure! 
When Kami brings home a bag full of toys for Flubby, the uninterested cat isn't enthusiastic about the choices. A wind-up mouse? No thanks. A fish hanging from a stick. Yawn. But after Flubby rejects each offering, one unexpected option may be the best fit for Flubby after all. 

The Good for Nothing Button

The Good for Nothing Button! By Charise Mericle Harper  

Yellow Bird has a button. It does . . . nothing! It is a good for nothing button. Red Bird and Blue Bird are excited to try the button. But when they press it, they discover that the button makes them happy. Happy is something! A flabbergasted Yellow Bird insists the button does nothing. But it sure does seem to be making him mad. Mad is something! 


Hide! By Steve Henry 

Two friends, Mike, an elephant, and Pat, a fish in a fishbowl, are in a rowboat. While Mike naps, Pat jumps into the ocean, where he meets other fish. When a shark appears, Pat and his new fish friends are in trouble . . . until two chubby gray legs appear near the surface. 
Mike lands on the shark and frightens the toothy fish away. Mike has a great time underwater until he realizes he is out of air. Now the fish help Mike. 

I'm On It!

I’m On It! By Andrea Tsurumi 

Goat likes to lead. Goat also likes Frog to follow. 
When Goat jumps on it, Frog does, too. Soon Goat and Frog are on it, along it, above it, inside it, beside it, around it, and under it—phew! How can their friendship get through it? 

See the Cat

See the Cat by David LaRochelle 

See Max. Max is not a cat Max is a dog. But much to Max's dismay, the book keeps instructing readers to 'see the cat.' How can Max get through to the book that he is a DOG? In a trio of stories for beginning readers, author David LaRochelle introduces the excitable Max, who lets the book know in irresistibly emphatic dialogue that the text is not to his liking. 

We Are Growing!

We Are Growing! By Laurie Keller 

Walt and his friends are growing up fast! Everyone is the something-est. But . . . what about Walt? He is not the tallest, or the curliest, or the silliest. He is not the anything-est! As a BIG surprise inches closer, Walt discovers something special of his own!  

What About Worms?

What About Worms! By Ryan T. Higgins 

A Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor award winner!