Video Tribute for Wife's Birthday

Project Categories

Archiving/Digitizing , Video

Tools Used

Final Cut Pro

I came to the Media Lab to create a video tribute for my wife's birthday. I collected over 20 video vignettes from relatives spread across the USA. I received the videos by email, by text, on flash drives and some were even shared to me 'in the cloud.'

The Media Lab team helped me edit the footage in a linear and orderly fashion using Final Cut Pro to create a seventeen minute video. I was able to build opening and closing titles that had very interesting visual effects. Some of the videos that I received had audio that was difficult to hear and I was able to add subtitles to make clear what was being said and heard. I was also able to include titles that introduce each presenter in the video.

The Media Lab has helped to build my confidence with digital media. I would like to start scanning and saving family photos and perhaps combine them with my old videos of sports games and family activities that I have taped of my sons. The Media Lab is important because the team there has helped me understand ways to simplify and edit my various media and photo collections; preserving them while making them easier to share.

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