Scanning & Composing Photography Books

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Archiving/Digitizing , Photo

Nature and Photojournalism have always been my primary interests and I've done a lot in both. I've taught Photojournalism and I've given a number of programs and exhibits. I have to say that Photography is my passion.

I was a film shooter until the digital age took so over that I decided, non-techie as I am, I've got to begin learn to shoot digitally. And then, more and more of my friends were into really using Photoshop, Elements, and Lightroom and all these advanced techniques which I found very difficult to learn.

Of my over than thirty thousand slides, I've begun to be able to scan them here in the Media Lab. Probably what's been the most thrilling to me is that I have printed my first two photography books using online software to compose them.

I think it's a wonderful opportunity for every resident of Lake Forest to have a place where they can come and work on their media interests. What better place to come to for anyone in the community to have the utilization of up-to-date equipment. I almost consider it my home away from home because I can do everything here photographically that I really cannot do anyplace else.

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