Ej 398.2 GER Baz Tangled

Ej 398.2082 All The Truth About Princesses

Ej 398.2082 Pet Princess Primer

J 398.2 FRA Def Three Perfect Peaches

J 398.2 GER Isa The Twelve Dancing Princesses

J 398.2 GREAT BRITAIN Huc Princess Furball

J 398.2 KOR OBr The Princess and the Beggar

J 398.209 Cli A Treasury of Princesses

J 398.209 Dal The Starlight Princess and Other Princess Stories

J 398.209 Mat Barefoot Book of Princesses

J 398.209 Pri Princess Stories

JQ Andersen, H.C. Princess and the Pea

JQ Auch, M.J. Princess and the Pizza

JQ Bateman, T. The Princesses Have a Ball

JQ Berenzy, A. The Frog Prince

JQ Cech, J. Twelve Dancing Princesses

JQ Cecil, L. Frog Princess

JQ Child, L. The Princess and the Pea in Miniature

JQ Cinderellamany versions!

JQ Cuyler, M. Princess Bess Gets Dressed

JQ Disney

All That Glitters

Disney Princess: Read-aloud Storybook

Disney Princess CD Storybook

Disney Princess Enchanting Tales

Enchanted Stables

Happily Ever After

Princess and the Frog

Princess Bedtime Stories

Princess Collection: A Treasury of Tales

Princess Encyclopedia

Princess Playtime

Princess: the Essential Guide, Princess Treasury

JQ Funke, C. Princess Pigsty, The Princess Knight

JQ Gow, N. Ten Big Toes and a Prince’s Nose

JQ Grey, M. The Very Smart Pea and the Princess-to-be

JQ Heide, F. Princess Hyacinth

JQ Heine, H. Boxer and the Princess

JQ Johnston, T. The Cowboy and the Black- eyed Pea

JQ Kleve, E. Paper Princess

JQ LaRochelle, D. The End

JQ Lester, H. The Princess Penelope’s Parrot

JQ Lewis, P. Frog Princess: a Russian Folktale

JQ Martin, R. The Storytelling Princess

JQ Milne, A.A. Magic Hill

JQ Minters, F. Princess Fishtail

JQ Mitchell, S. The Tinderbox

JQ Munsch, R. Paper Bag Princess

JQ Oram, H. Princess Chamomile Gets Her Way, The Second Princess

JQ Orr, W. The Princess and Her Panther

JQ Posner-Sanchez, A. Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus

JQ Priceman, M. Princess Picky

JQ Rapunzel

JQ Rumpelstiltskin

JQ Shepard, A. The Princess Mouse

JQ Sleeping Beauty

JQ Snow White

JQ Stevens, J. Princess and the Pea

JQ Stewig, J. Princess Florecita and Her Iron Shoes

JQ Thurber, J. Many Moons

JG Grimm The Frog Prince

JK Kilgras, H. Cinderella’s Countdown to the Ball

JL Lewison, W. Princess and the Potty

JL Lagonegro, M. Ballerina Princess, A Pet for a Princess

JP Posner-Sanchez, A. Pony for a Princess

JR Redbank, T. Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses

JW Weinberg, J. What is a Princess?, Surprise for a Princess

JZ Ziefert, H. Princess and the Pea