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Scan Your Library Card

You can now use your smartphone as your library card! Follow the instructions below and never forget your library card again!


There are many loyalty card apps available in your device's app store. We recommend using Cardstar because of it's ease of use. The directions below will help you get started loading your library card into the app:


Step 1

Install the Cardstar app from your device's app store


Step 2

Once downloaded, open up the app and click "Get Started"


Step 3

You can either scan the barcode off of the back of your library card using your device's camera or manually enter your library card number. 


Step 4 

You will need to "Select a merchant." Click the box, and type "Lake Forest Library." When you are finished typing you can select "Create new card."


Step 5

You can now use the blue arrow at the top of the app to proceed on to your account. When you select "Done," you will have successfully stored your library card in the Cardstar app and can now use it at the Library's circulation desk. 


Click "Here" for an even more detailed set of instructions with images.