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B. B. Brendon Chase (grades 4+)

Birdseye, T. Storm Mountain (5-8)

Bledsoe, L. J Tracks in the Snow (3-6)

Burks, Brian Walks Alone (6-9)

Crowley, J. Starfish: A Novel (5-8)

Durbin, W. Broken Blade; Wintering (5-9)

Ellis, D. Parvana’s Journey (5-8)

Fama, E. Overboard (7-10)

Farmer, N. Girl Named Disaster (6+)

Fields, T. S. Danger in the Desert (5-7)

George, J. C. My Side of the Mountain & sequels(6-9), Julie of the Wolves & sequels (6-9); Talking Earth; Tree Castle Island(6-9)

Gutman, D. Getting Air (5-8)

Herlong, M. H. Great Wide Sea (7+)

Hill, K. Toughboy & Sister; Winter Camp(4-6)

Hobbs, W. Wild Man Island (5-9); Far North (7+); Crossing the Wire (5-10)

Houston, J. Frozen Fire:A Tale of Courage (6+)

Lawrence, L. Escape by Sea (7+)

Mazer, H. Snow Bound ; Wild Kid (5-8)

McKernan, V. Shackleton’s Stowaway (6-9)

Mikaelsen, B. Red Midnight (5+)

Moeri, L. Save Queen of Sheba (4+)

Morpugo, M. Kensuke’s Kingdom (5-8)

Mowat, F. Lost in the Barrens (7-9)

Muller, R. Squeeze (6-10)

O’Dell, S. Island of the Blue Dolphins (6+)

Park, L. S. A Long Walk to Water (5-8)

Paulsen, G. Hatchet & sequels; Dogsong (6-9); Voyage of the Frog (6-9)

Peterson, P. J. Wild River (4-7)

Salisbury, G Night of the Howling Dogs (5-9)

Shahan, S. Frozen Stiff (4-7)

Smelcer, J. The Trap (6-9)

Smith, R. Peak (7-10)

Sperry, A. Call It Courage (5+)

Taylor, T. Cay ; Timothy of the Cay (5+)

Tullson, D. Red Sea (7-10)

Yohalem, E. Escape Under the Forever Sky (5-8)

Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World: The Extraordinary True Story of Shackleton and the Endurance by Jennifer Armstrong (J 919.89092) and Revenge of the Whale: the True Story of the WhaleshipEssex by Nathaniel Philbrick (J 910.9164) are two amazing true survival stories you may enjoy.