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The "Standard & Poor’s Net Advantage" is a website that offers Standard & Poor’s data on companies, executives, industries, stocks, bonds, funds and dividends, as well as investment advice. This site comprises several Standard & Poor’s publications:

Bond Guides
Corporation Records
Dividend Record
Earnings Guide
Industry Survey
Monthly Investment Review
Register of Corporations
Register of Executives
Stock Guide
Stock Reports
The Outlook

Here is a step-by-step guide to finding financial information on the website. For further assistance, please ask a reference librarian.

Go to a LAN computer in the business room. Using the mouse, click to open Netscape, then click on the icon labeled "Library Links," which is located on the left near the top of the screen, and drag the arrow down to "Standard & Poor," and let go of mouse. The screen will open and click on "Continue."


In "Quick Search," click on the "Database" box for a drop-down menu of selections. Move arrow to "Stock Reports" and let go of arrow. Select "COMPANY" or "TICKER SYMBOL," if you know it, in menu below. Click in circle in front of "TICKER SYMBOL" if you wish to use it. Click on bar on right and pull down. Then click in blank space under "Lookup." Type in the company name or ticker symbol, whichever you have chosen, and then hit the "Enter" key on the computer. When the name of the company comes up in blue, click on it.

To get the "FULL REPORT," click on the left bar and pull down to the bottom. Then click on "FULL REPORT (PDF)."

To print, insert an access card into the box by the printer, and turn the arrow switch to the letter on your computer (A, B, C, or D) located at the top of your monitor. Click on "File," and drag arrow down to "Print." When the "Print" screen comes up, click on "OK."

When you are finished, click on the "x" mark in the upper right corner of the screen.