Lake Forest Library
Lake Forest College Students


How to Use the Library:

Register your College ID (this will be used as your library card)
Also a photo ID
You can register/borrow books from the beginning of the Fall Semester to April 1

Everything we have:

  • Books! And lots of them. (Loan for 2 wks)
  • Movies (3 days), TV Shows (2 wks), and Documentaries (2 wks)
  • Video Games (2 wks)
  • Music (2 wks)
  • All of our databases are available at our public computers.


Want to see what we have in our collection? Check out our catalog!


The Lake Forest Library subscribes to digital editions of 90+ magazines through Zinio. For access you will need to create two accounts: a library account and a Zinio account. These accounts are different from your other library accounts. Choosing a magazine from the library's magazine page sends you to your Zinio account, so stay logged in to Zinio.

  1. First, go to Zinio and register. Make sure to stay logged in!
  2. Next, go to the library’s magazine page
  3. Choose “Create New Account” and follow the instructions to create an account using your library card number and email. (make sure you use the same email as your account)
  4. Choose a magazine, you will be sent to your Zinio account with the new magazine!
  5. Return Users: Use the library’s magazine page to choose more magazines! 


Zinio User Guide

Questions? Problems? Call us at 847.234.4610




 Live Work Play  brings the Lake Forest/ Lake Bluff community to your fingertips!  Download this smart phone app and find deals for your favorite local stores and organizations.   You don’t need to remember your coupons -- the specials are always accessible through your phone.

Lake Forest Library has recently added a new perk to the program.  Redeem the code for a free gift at the Adult Reference Desk. 

Getting Started with eBooks

The Lake Forest Library offers two systems to read eBooks on your tablet, phone, or computer. Both allow you check out five books at one time and operate similar to a physical library: there are so many copies of an eBook and books can be placed on hold.


 3M Cloud Library is available only to Lake Forest Library patrons. This is our newest service and our collection will be growing monthly. This service will only work on tablets (iPad, Android tablet, Kindle Fire) and computers. To get started, download the app, find our library, and enter your Lake Forest Library card. In the app, the shelves tab is for newest books and the categories tab lists all of the books in our collection. Books can be checked out for two weeks and are able to be placed on hold. View their catalog.

Instructions for:

Tablets (Download app from your app store)
Kindle Fire


my medai mall  MyMediaMall is the library’s collection of eBooks and eAudiobooks for downloading to your computer, eReader, or other device.  You'll find a larger collection of materials here, however they are shared with a collection of libraries. This service works with eReaders, tablets, and computers. eBooks and eAudiobooks can be checked out for 7, 14, or 21 days (change in your Profile). The setup process is slightly longer than 3M Cloud Library. View their catalog.

Instructions for:

Android Devices
Apple Devices
Kindle Fire
Other Devices



You may also call or stop by the library’s reference desk with your eBook questions.  Some questions can be answered easily and promptly, but others require a tutorial appointment or call back after we’ve researched the problem. We do ask that you give the instructions above a try before scheduling a tutorial.  Thanks!

Reference Desk



MyMediaMall offers in-depth technical support here.





Friends of Lake Forest Library was organized in 1975 and had its first used book sale in 1976 in the Library courtyard. That sale raised about $4,500. In 2012, with the sale in its 37th year, the Friends small army of dedicated volunteers made $122,000 at their annual four day fall sale.

What impact has fund raising by the Friends had on Lake Forest Library? Over the years, the Friends have given $2,000,000 to the Library for restoration projects, equipment, programs and services.

 41% was used to restore the landscaping, refurbish the Fine Arts Room, the Business Room, the Garden Room, the Reference and Reading Rooms. 27% was used for the Children’s Library and programs for children and teens. 15% supported the summer reading programs for children, teens and adults. The Friends funded the purchase of the Library’s first computer, a touch screen, in the 1980’s; in 2010, the Library purchased e book readers-Kindle, Nook, Sony and iPad- for Staff experimentation and learning.

Art restoration has been possible because of the wisdom and generosity of the Friends.

 The restoration of the ten Audubons in the Reading Room, the salvaging of one panel and the cleaning of all the Remisoff murals in the Rotunda, the restoration of the charming art deco drinking fountain in the foyer of the Children’s Library, restoration work on Sylvia Shaw Judson’s The Apple Tree Children, and the cleaning and restoration of the needlepoint hanging Lake Forest Flora and Fauna in the Business Room, all were possible with Friends funds. The beautiful murals in the stairways, in the foyer and in the Children’s Library by Thomas Melvin were a result of gifts from the Friends. The Mark McMahon watercolors in the foyer, one of the building, commissioned to celebrate the Library’s centennial in 1998, and the other to celebrate the Friends sale in 1995, as well as the Franklin McMahon, were gifts of the Friends. The wonderful art booklet, Lake Forest Library Art: An Aesthetic Legacy, which pulls much information about the fine collection of paintings, prints and sculpture in and around the building, was also possible with the Friends gift. 

While an impressive list of accomplishments, the best gift of the Friends’ efforts is the intangible positive promotion of the importance and value of the Library to the cultural and educational life of the community. That is a priceless gift without measure.

The Lake Forest Library Board of Trustees and Staff have set aside the month of October to celebrate the work of the Friends. Please join us in honoring and discovering the fine work of this wonderful group of Friends


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