Instructions for Minolta Digital Microform Reader/Scanner

To Read, Scan, Print and Save images from microfilm and microfiche, please follow these steps.

To Begin:

  1. Turn on the Microfilm Reader/Scanner switch on the right side of machine.
  2. Load film (threading diagram is above the left spool holder).  Make sure the film is coming off the top of the reel.
  3. Advance film to desired page or image, adjust to fit 81/2 x 11 outline on screen.

To Scan the Image:

  1. Use PC to the left of the Microfilm Reader/Scanner.  Click on Imaging.
  2. From File, click on Acquire Image.
  3. Make sure paper size is 81/2 x 11, and Image Type is Black/White.  Leave all default settings in place.
  4. Click on Scan.
  5. A scanned image will appear on the screen.  If you are doing another page, advance the microfilm to the desired image and press the Scan button again. 

Cropping the Scanned Image:

  1. To crop an image, hold mouse button from a corner of the image and create a band around the image.  Click on Edit, select Crop.

Printing the Scanned Image:

  1. To Print the image, click on the Print Icon at the top of the window. Click OK.
  2. Your job will appear as Microfilm in the print queue of the central print station.  Use a print card to activate the printer.
  3. Click on OK To Print to verify cost.  .10 will debit from the card for each page printed.

Saving the Scanned Image to a Memory Key:

  1. Please note that the image cannot be saved to the hard drive.  Insert memory device in USB port.
  2. Click on Save. 
  3. Select E: Drive, and name your file.