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This page allows you to:
1.Create a User ID that you will need to release your print jobs.
2.Select the document from your files or the URL of the webpage you want to print.
3.Select a printer.

The next screen gives you the option for ‘type’ of print. Click on the drop down window to select document type. This is also the page where you can choose multiple copies or select only a certain page of the document.  


This next page is the “approve” page. You must approve your job before it is submitted. You will be informed of the cost for the print job.  


Clicking on the PRINT button submits the job to the queue.


When the job has been successfully submitted you will receive a confirmation screen:  


You can choose to submit additional print jobs or exit the program.
The print jobs will appear on the Print Release Station under the name that was submitted as the ID for Document Pickup (ex: Thomas).  

Please call the Adult Services Department for assistance at (847) 615-4377.  
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