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Crispin and the Cross of Lead (6+)
Night Journeys (5+)

Blackwood, Gary L.
The Shakespeare Stealer (5+)

Buchanan, Jane
Gratefully Yours (3-6)

Burnett, Frances H.
A Little Princess (classic) (4-6)
The Secret Garden (classic) (4-6)

Conlon-McKenna, M.
Under the Hawthorn Tree (4-6)

Creech, Sharon
Ruby Holler (4+)

Curtis, C. P.
Bud, Not Buddy (4+)

Cushman, Karen
Rodzina (4-7)
Midwife's Apprentice (6+)

Dahl, Roald
James and the Giant Peach (3-5)
The BFG (3-5)

DeFelice, Cynthia
The Apprenticeship of Lucas Whitaker (4+)
Nowhere to Call Home (5-8)

Ellis, Deborah
Mud City (5-7)

Farmer, Nancy
Girl Named Disaster (6+)

Fisher, Dorothy C.
Understood Betsy (3-5)

Fleischman, Sid
Jim Ugly (4+)
The Midnight Horse (3-6)
Bo and Mzzz Mad (4+)

Funke, Cornelia
The Thief Lord (5+)

Giff, Patricia R.
Pictures of Hollis Woods (4+)
All the Way Home (4+)

Haas, Jessie
Unbroken (5+)

Harrison, Barbara
Theo (5+)

Hite, Sid
Stick and Whittle (5-8)
Hobbs, Will Jason's Gold (5-8)

Howard, Ellen
The Gate in the Wall (5+)

Ibbotson, Eva
Dial-a-Ghost (5+)
Journey to the River Sea (5+)

Keith, Harold
Chico and Dan (4-6)
Ketchum, Liza Orphan Journey Home (4-6)

Levine, Gail C.
Dave At Night (5+)

Lindgren, Astrid
Pippi Longstocking (2-4)

Little, Jean
Willow and Twig (6-8)

Lunn, Janet
The Root Cellar (5+)

Meyer, L.A.
Bloody Jack (7+)

Montgomery, L.M.
Anne of Green Gables (classic) (4+)

Morrow, Honore
On to Oregon (4+)

Nixon, Joan L.
Aggie's Home (3-5)

Park, Linda Sue
A Single Shard (5+)

Pierce, Tamora
Wild Magic (5+)

Rodowsky, Colby
The Turnabout Shop (4-6)

Rowling, J.K.
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and sequels (4+)

Snicket, Lemony
Bad Beginning and sequels (4+)

Spinelli, Jerry
Maniac Magee (5+)

Spyri, Johanna
Heidi (classic) (3+)

Streatfield, Noel
Ballet Shoes and others (3+)

Taylor, Marilyn
Faraway Home (5+)

Wallace, B. B.
Peppermints in the Parlor (4-6)
Cousins in the Castle (4-6)
A Twin in the Tavern (4-6)