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Baskin, N. 570L Basketball (or Something Like It) (5-8)

Bowen, F. 600L The Final Cut (4-7) More titles by this author.

Brooks, B. 1150L The Moves Make the Man (7+) Moretitles by this author.

Coy, J. 530L Box Out (7+)

Deuker, C. 630L Night Hoops (YA)

Dygard, T. 810L The Rebounder (6+) 880L Outside Shooter (6+)

Feinstein, J. 760L Last Shot: a Final Four mystery (7+)

Harkrader, L. 700L Airball: My Life in Briefs (5-7)

Herman, G. 340L Just Like Mike (2-4)

Hicks, B.340L Basketball Bats (2-5)

Lupica, M. 930L Travel Team (5-8) 910L Summer Ball (5-8) 930L Hot Hand (4-7)

Maddox, J. Win or Lose (4-8).

Mantel, P. 770L Nothin’ But Net: A Matt Christopher Book (4-6)

Marzollo, J. 240L Basketball Buddies(1-3)

Russo, M. House of Sports (6-8)

Sweeney, J. 590L Players (7+)

Telander, R. String Music (4-7)

Walters, E. Long Shot (3-5)

Yee, L. 650L Stanford Wong Flunks Big Time (4-7)

Yep, L. 870L Dragon Road (5-8)