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Non-fiction books and movies about ballet can by found at the call number: EJ 792.8 (easier) & J 792.8

JQ Allen Dancing in the Wings

JQ Auch Hen Lake, Peeping Beauty

JQ Bradley Ballerino Nate

JQ Brandenberg Ballerina Flying

JQ Carlson Harriet’s Recital

JQ DePalma The Nutcracker Doll

JQ French Josephine Wants to Dance

JQ Gauch Tanya and the Red Shoes and others

JQ Geras Little Ballet Star and others

JQ Hampshire Rosie’s Ballet Slippers

JQ Hartry Jocelyn and the Ballerina

JQ Holabird Angelina Ballerina Series

JQ Isadora My Ballet Class and others

JQ Kinerk Clorinda

JQ Lasky Starring Lucille

JQ Littlesugar Marie in the Fourth Position: the Story of Degas’ Little Dancer

JQ Maybarduk James the Dancing Dog

JQ McMullan Nutcracker Noel

JQ Ormerod Ballet Sisters Series

JQ Pinkwater Dancing Larry

JQ Roberts Barbie Loves Ballet

JQ Rey Curious George at the Ballet

JQ Samuels Dolores on Her Toes

JQ Shulman Over in the Meadow at the Big Ballet

JQ Sis Ballerina!

JQ Stadler Lila Bloom

JQ Stanley Lettice the Dancing Rabbit

JQ Young Belinda the Ballerina and others

JQ Weeks Ella, Of Course!


JC Cristaldi Baseball Ballerina

JH Hall Ballerina Girl

JJ Jordan On Your Toes

JL Lagonegro Ballerina Princesses

JO O’Connor Nina Nina Star Ballerina