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(Grades) and Lexile Levels “L” given when available.

Brooks, B. Wolfbay Wings series Hockey (5-8). 910-1140L

Bloor, E. Tangerine Soccer (7-10). 680L

Bulion, L. Uncharted Waters Swimming (5-8). 620L

Christopher, M. Wheel Wizards Wheelchair Basketball (4-6). 610L

Christopher, M. Roller Hockey Radicals (4-7). 640L

Christopher, M. Soccer Cats series (3-5). 600L +/-20

Christopher, M. Spike It! Volleyball (4-7). 700L

Christopher, M. Winning Stroke Swimming (4-7). 710L

Ciencin, S. Point-blank Paintball Graphic novel (3-8). 480L

Esckilsen, E. Offsides: a novel Soccer (7-10). 970L

Feinstein, J. Vanishing Act Tennis (5+). 760L

Gutman, D. Million Dollar series Various (3-7). 620-740L

Hicks, B. Goof-off Goalie Soccer (2-5). 280L

Hobbs, W. Go Big or Go Home Extreme sports (5-10). 700L

Maddox, J. Backup Goalie Hockey (4-8). 600L

Maddox, J. Soccer Shootout (4-8). 600L

Paulson, G. How Angel Peterson Got His Name Auto-biography including sport-related incidents (6-9). 1180L

Peters, S. Roller Hockey Rumble A Matt Christopher book.(2-4).

Petersen, P.J. White Water Rafting(4-7). 650L

Smith, C. R. Winning Words: Sports Stories & Photographs (4+). 620L

Stevens, E. Skateboard Sonar Graphic novel (3-8). 370L

Stilton, G. Geronimo Stilton and the Gold Medal Mystery Olympics (2-4).

Voigt, C. Runner (7-10). 840L