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EJ 535.4 HAR     What’s That Shadow?

EJ 759 GUE       Alphab’art: Find  the Letters Hiddden in the Paintings

EJ 793.73 BRU     Mighty Machines Picture Puzzles 

EJ 793.73 CHE    Can You Find It, Too? 

EJ 793.73 FAL     Can You Find It: America 

EJ 793.73 KID     Spot 7 School 

EJ 793.73 KID     Spot 7 Animals

EJ 793.73 MCC     Alike or Not Alike

EJ 793.73 PET     Camouflage Clues: a Photo Riddle Book

EJ 793.73 SCH     Princess & Fairytales: a Spot-it Challenge

EJ 793.73 STE     Look-alikes  (series)

EJ 793.73 WIC     I Spy  (series)

EJ 793.73 WIC     Can You See What I See (series)

EJ 793.738 MUN     Mazescapes, Amazementscapes

EJ 796.357  HER     Baseball

EJ 978 MUN      Ranch

J Board Book A     Animal I Spy

J Board Book M     I Spy Little  (series)

J Board Book S     Little Hide and Seek  (series)

JM Marzollo      I Spy  (series)

JQ AL     I Spy: an alphabet in art 

JQ Baker     Hide and Snake

JQ Bùi     Spot the Difference

JQ Carter     Woof! Woof! 

JQ Garland     Mystery Mansion

JQ Handford     Where’s Waldo?  (series)

JQ McClintock     Adèle and Simon

JQ McGuire     What’s Wrong with This Book

JQ Mosley     Where’s the Dinosaur

JQ Padmanabhan     Can You Find Me?

JQ Staake     Look! A Book!

JQ The     Where is the Cake?

JQ Waber     Do You See a Mouse?

JQ Wiesner        Flotsam

JQ Caldecott