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Adams , D. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (7+)YA

Anderson , M. T. Whales on Stilts (4-7), Clue of the Linoleum Lederhosen (4-7)

Asimov, Isaac I, Robot (7+) SCI FI

Ball, Justin Space Dogs (4-8)

Bechard, Margaret Spacer and Rat (6-8)

Berryhill, S. Chance Fortune and the Outlaws (4-7)

Bloor, E. London Calling (6-9)

Buckley-Archer, L. Gideon the Cutpurse (5+)

Carman, Patrick Atherton: The House of Power (4-7)

Choyce, L. Deconstructing Dylan (7-12)

Costick, Conor Epic (8+) YA

Coville, Bruce I Left My Sneakers in Dimension X (4-6), Aliens Ate My Homework (4-6) & others

Crichton, Michael Jurassic Park (7+) Adult Fiction

Daley, Michael Space Station Rat (4-6)

Fardell, John 7 Professors of the Far North (4-7), Flight of the Silver Turtle (4-7), Firebirds Rising (7-10) YA (anthology)

Greenburg, Dan Dude, Where’s My Spaceship (2-3)

Haarsma, P. Softwire:Virus on Orbis 1 (5-9)

Haddix, M. P. Double Identity (5-8), Turnabout (7-10)

Hughes, Shirley The Iron Giant (4-6)

Jinks, Catherine Evil Genius (7-10)

MacHale, D. J. Pendragon series (6-9)

Mackel, Kathy Can of Worms (5-7)

McKinley, Robin Dragonhaven (7+)

McNaughton, E. Secret Under My Skin (6-9)

Nix, Garth Shade’s Children (7+)

Paulsen, Gary Time Hackers (5-8)

Pfeffer, Susan Life as We Knew It (7+) YA

Philbrick, W. R. Last Book in the Universe (6-9)

Pow, Tom The Pack (6-9)

Pratchett, Terry Only You Can Save Mankind & sequels (5-8)

Reeve, Philip Larklight (5-8), Starcross, or the Coming of the Moobs! (5-9)

Siedler, Tor Brainboy and the Deathmaster (4-7)

Stewart, Trenton Mysterious Benedict Society (5-9)

Vande Velde, V. Heir Apparent (6-9)

Werlin, Nancy Double Helix (8+) YA

Westerfeld, Scott Uglies and sequels (7+) YA, Midnighters series (8+) YA

Young, Steve 15 Minutes (5-8)