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Also check the nonfiction shelves for wonderful books about dogs
at J 636.7

Appelt, Kathi            The Underneath (Grades 4-8)

Armstrong, W. H.     Sounder (5-8)

Avi                          The Good Dog (gr 3-6)

Barrow, R.              Saving  Zasha (5-9)

Blake, Robert          Togo (K-5) 

Cameron, Ann          Spunky Tells All (3-5)

Cleary, Beverly        Henry Huggins, Ribsy (3-5), Strider (5-9)

Cooper, Ilene           Absolutely Lucy  and sequels (2-5)

Creech, Sharon        Love that Dog (4-8)

DeJong, Meindert      Along Came a Dog, Hurry Home Candy (4+) 

DiCamillo, Kate        Because of Winn-Dixie (4-6) 

Estes, Eleanor         Ginger Pye  (3-6)

Fleischmann, Sid     Jim Ugly  (5-8)

Gardiner, J. R.         Stone Fox (2-5).

Gipson, Fred           Old Yeller (6-8)

Haas, Jessie            Shaper (5-8) 

Harlow, Joan H.        Star in the Storm, Thunder from the Sea (4-7)

Henkes, Kevin          Protecting Marie (5-8)

Herriot, James         James Herriot’s Dog Stories (7+)

Hobbs, Valerie        Maggie & Oliver (3-7), Sheep (4+)

Kadohata, Cynthia   Cracker! The Best Dog in Vietnam (5-8)

Kehret, Peg             Shelter Dogs: Amazing Stories of Adopted Strays (3-6)

King-Smith, Dick     Titus Rules! (2-5)

Kjelgaard, Jim         Big Red (5-7)

Knight, Eric             Lassie Come Home (4-7)

Little, Jean              Birdie for Now (2-5)

London, Jack           White Fang; The Call of the Wild (7+)

Lowry, Lois             Stay! Keeper’s Story (5+)

Martin, Ann             A Dog’s Life; Everything for a Dog (5-9)

Matthews, L. S.       A Dog for Life (4-7)

McGhee, Alison       Julia Gillian(&the dream of the dog)(4-7) 

Morey, Walt            Kavik the Wolf Dog (7+) 

Myers, Laurie          Lewis &Clark and Me: A Dog’s Tale (3-6)

Naylor, Phyllis R.     Shiloh (4-8) and sequels

Newman, Leslea      Hachiko Waits (3-5) 

Nolan, Lucy             Down Girl and Sit series (1-3) 

Paulsen, Gary        My Life in Dog Years, Woodsong (7+)

Pyron, Bobbie        A Dog’s Way Home (3-7)

Rawls, Wilson         Where the Red Fern Grows (4-6) 

Rodowsky, Colby   Not My Dog (2-4)

Sherlock, Patti         Letters from Wolfie  (6-9)

Terhune, Albert P.  Lad, a Dog (4-7)

Tolan, Stephanie     Listen! (6-9)

Wallace, Bill            Dog Called Kitty, & many others (4-6)

Wilder, Laura I.       The Adventures of Laura and Jack (2-4)