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Bawden, Nina
Henry (gr 4 & up)

Eckert, Allan
Incident at Hawk's Hill (gr 6 & up)
Return to Hawk's Hill (gr 6 & up)

George, Jean C.
The Cry of the Crow (gr & up)
Frightful's Moutain (gr 5 & up)
Julie of the Wolves and sequels  (gr 6 & up)
The Talking Earth (gr 6 & up)
There's An Owl In the Shower (gr 3-5)

Grover, Wayne
Dolphin Freedom (gr 3-5)

Hesse, Karen
The Music of Dolphins (gr 4-6)

Hobbs, Valerie
Carolina Crow Girl (gr 5-9)

Kehret, Peg
Saving Lily (gr 4-6)

LeBox, Annette
Miracle at Willowcreek (gr 5-7)

L'Engle, Madeline
A Ring of Endless Light (gr 5 & up)

Levin, Betty
Creature Crossing (gr 3-5)

Mikaelsen, Ben
Stranded (gr 6 & up)
Rescue Josh McGuire (gr 6 & up)

Morey, Walt
Gentle Ben (gr 5 & up)

Mowat, Farley
Owls in the Family (gr 3-5)
Never Cry Wolf (gr 7 & up)

North, Sterling
Rascal (gr 6-8) J599.7632 NOR

Ransome, Arthur
Coot Club (gr 4 & up)

Ryden, Hope
Backyard Rescue (gr 3-5)

Salten, Felix
Bambi: A Life in the Woods (gr 4-6)

Schlein, Miriam
The Year of the Panda (gr 3-7)

Wilbur, Francis
The Dog With the Golden Eyes (gr 4-7)