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Grade Level ( ) and Lexile Level “L” given when available

Barber, T. Wild Card Kickoff! Go Long (4-8) 770L

Bowen, F. Touchdown Trouble (4-7)

Christopher, M. Undercover Tailback (2-4) 570L. More titles by this author.

Dadey, D. Bogeymen Don’t Play Football, Bailey School Kids (1-3).

Dixon, F. Kickoff to Danger. Hardy Boys Mystery #170 (3-7).

Dygard, T. Game Plan (5-8). 900L, Backfield Package (6-9). 900L, Halfback Tough (5-9). 800L, Quarterback Walk-on (6-8). 810L

Deuker, C. Gym Candy (YA). 710L, Green, T. Football Hero, Football Champ.(4-8). 840L, Football Genius. (5-8). 800L

Gutman, D. Coach Hyatt is a Riot (2-5). 530L

Hoena, A.B. Kickoff Blitz. Graphic novel. (3-8). 510L.

Korman, G. 6th Grade Nickname Game (4-6). 640L

Lupica, M. Two-minute Drill (4-6). 880L

Lupica, M. The Million-dollar Throw (5+)

Maddox, J. Gridiron Bully (4-8). 380L

Spinelli, J. Crash (5+). 560L

Stine, R.L. Lose, Team, Lose. Rotten School Series #4 (3-5). 480L

Wunderli, S. The Heartbeat of Halftime (6-9).