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Horse lovers! Also explore our nonfiction collection for terrific books about horses (J 636.1) and horsemanship (J  798.23).

For example:

J 636.1 AND        Brigadier: Gentle Hero (5-8)

Fiction Stories about Horses

Ackerman, Ned Spirit Horse (grade 7+)

Adler, C.S One Unhappy Horse & others (5+)

Anderson, L. H. Wild at Heart series (4-6)

Bagnold, Enid National Velvet  (5+)

Betancourt, Jeanne Pony Pals series (2-4)

Bryant, Bonnie Saddle Club series (4-6)

Casanova, Mary Stealing Thunder (4-7)

 Duey, Kathleen Lara and the Grey Mare (3-6) (series)

                       Katie and the Mustang (3-6) (series)

 Farley, Walter Black Stallion  & sequels (4 & up)

 Findley, Jamieson Blue Roan Child  (4-7)

 Finn, Mary Belladonna (7-10)

 Flores-Galbes, E. Raining Sardines (5-8)

Gilliland, Judith Strange Birds (4-7)

Haas, Jessie Beware the Mare (2-5) Birthday Pony (2-4)

                Uncle Daney’s Way (3-5)Runaway Radish(2-4)

                Unbroken (6+), Jigsaw Pony (2-4)

Hart, Alison Gabriel’s Horses, Shadow Horse (5-8)                     

Henry, Marguerite Misty of Chincoteague, King of the Wind  (4+)  Stormy, Misty’s Foal (4+)
 & other great books

 Higginson, Keeker series (2+)

 Hinton, S. E.Taming the Star Runner (7+) YA

 Hobbs, Will Big Wander (7+)              

Horse Diaries Horse Diaries series (3-6)            

James, Will Smoky the Cowhorse (4 & up)

Keith, Harold Chico and Dan (4-6) 

Lester, A. Snow Pony (6-12), Quicksand Pony (4-7)

               Horse Crazy series (2-5)

McCaffrey, Anne Black Horses for the King (7+)

Monninger, Joseph Finding Somewhere (6+)

Morpugo, Michael War Horse (7-9) 

Neri, Gregg Ghetto Cowboy: A Novel (5-8) 

Peck, Robert N. Horse Thief (7 & up)

Philbrick, Rodman Fire Pony (5-8)

Platt, Chris Storm Chaser, Moon Shadow, Willow King , Astra, Star Gazer (4-7) 

Porter, Pamela Sky (3-5)

Roberts, K. I am the Great Horse (7-10) 

Rounds, Glen The  Blind Colt (3-6)

Ryan, Pam Munoz Riding Freedom (3-6), Paint the Wind (4-7)

Ryden, Hope Wild Horse Summer (5 & up)

Saunders, Susan Lucky Lady (4-6)                               

Sewell, Anna Black Beauty (7-9) 

Smiley, Jane The Georges and the Jewels, A Good Horse andTrue Blue (all 6-8)

Snyder, Zilpha K. Gib Rides Home, Gib and the Grey Ghost (5-8)

Stiefvater, Maggie Scorpio Races (8+)  YA

Wallace, Bill Beauty (5-7)

Wedekind, A. A Horse of Her Own (5-10); Wild Blue: Story of a Mustang Appaloosa (3-6)                             

Wilson, Diana I Rode A Horse of Milk White Jade (6+),

                  To Ride the God’s Own Stallion  (6+)

                   Black Storm Comin’ , Firehorse (7-10)

                   Raven Speak (6+)

 Updated  1/3/2012  Lake Forest Children’s Library