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Easy Chapter Books

Abbott, Tony. “Secrets of Droon” Series

Adler, David. “Cam Jansen” Series

Brisson, Pat. “Bertie’s Picture Day”

Brown, Jeff. “Flat Stanley”

Brown, Marc. “Arthur” chapter books

Bulla, Clyde. “The Chalk Box Kid”

Buller, Jon.“Space Mall”

Byars, Bestsy Cromer. “Little Horse”

Choi, Sook Nyul. “The Best Older Sister”

Christopher, Matt. “The Lucky Baseball Bat”

Conford, Ellen. “Annabel the Actress”

Dadey, Debbie. “Bailey School Kids”

Dale, Jenny. “Gus the Greedy Puppy”

Danziger, Paula. “Amber Brown” Series

Delton, Judy. “Pee Wee Scouts” Series

Duey, Kathleeen. “Unicorn’s Secret” Series

Edwards, Michelle. “Pa Lia’s First Day”

Fenner, Carol. “Snowed in with Grandmother Silk”

Giff, Patricia R. “Polk Street School” Series

Haas, Jesse. “Runaway Radish”

Herman, Gail. “Fairy School” Series

Himmelman, John. “The Animal Rescue Club”

Howe, James. “Pinky and Rex” Series

Jennings, Patrick. “The Weeping Willow”

Kline, Suzy. “Horrible Harry” Series

Marshall, James. “Rats on the Roof and Other Stories”

Mauser, Pat. “Patti’s Pet Gorilla”

McDonald, Megan. “Judy Moody” & “Stink” Series

McMullan, Kate. “Dragon Slayers Academy” Series

Meadows, Daisy. “Rainbow Magic” Series

Moore, Lilian. “Little Raccoon”

Nixon, Joan Lowry. “Gus and Gertie and the Missing Pearl”

Orr, Wendy. “Ark in the Park”

Osborne, Mary Pope. “The Magic Tree House” Series

Park , Barbara. “Junie B. Jones” Series

Preller, James. “Jigsaw Jones Mystery” Series

Rodowsky, Colby. “Not My Dog”

Roy, Ron. “A-Z Mysteries”

Rylant, Cynthia. “Cobblestreet Cousins” Series

“Lighthouse Family” Series

Sachar, Louis. “Marvin Redpost” Series

Spinelli, Jerry. “Tooter Pepperday”

Stanley, George. “Third Grade Detective” Series

West, Tracy. “Pixie Tricsks” Series

Zoehfeld, Kathleen. “Fossil Fever”