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Grades and Lexile Levels (L) when available

Adler, C.S. Winning (6-8). 630L

American Girl Meet Julie, an American Girl (3+). 770L

Bledsoe, L. Hoop Girlz (5-7). 630L

Bunting, E. Snowboarding on Monster Mountain (4-6). 530L

Butler, D. Sliding into Home (5-8). 580L

Christopher, M. Tennis Ace (3-6). 680L
Spike It! (5-8). 880L

Cochran, M. The Girl Who Threw Butterflies (5-9). 750L

Creech, S. Heartbeat (4-7).

Day, K. No Cream Puffs (5+). 520L

Feinstein, J. Vanishing Act ( 6+). 760L
Last Shot: a Final Four Mystery (6+). 760L. More titles by this author

Fitzgerald, D. Soccer Chicks Rule (5-8). 950L
Getting in the Game (5-7). 980L
Girls Girls Got Game: Sports Stories & Poems (6-9).

Gutman, D. The Million Dollar Kick (5-8). 660L
The Million Dollar Shot (4-6). 680L

Hermes, P. Emma Dilemma and the Soccer Nanny (2-4). 490L

Hicks, B. Track Attack (2-5). 450L

Holohan, M. Broadway Ballplayers Series (4-7): Friday Nights, Left Out, Everybody’s Favorite, Sideline Blues, Don’t Stop

Levine, A. Running on Eggs (7-9). 670L

Levy, E. Tackling Dad (4-7). 560L

Lord, B. In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson (4-7). 730L

Lupica, M. Miracle on 49 th Street(5-8). 790L

Mackel, K MadCat (5-8). 610LBoost (7+). 600L

Mackey, W. Throwing Like a Girl (7+). 720L

Murdock, C. Dairy Queen (YA). 990L

Nelson, V. Mayfield Crossing (3-5). 720L

Quindlen, A. Happily Ever After (2-4). 1030L

Park, L. Keeping Score (4-7). 770L

Rallison, J. Life, Love and the Pursuit of Free Throws (6-9). 800L

Ransome, A. Swallows and Amazons (4+).

Ritter, J. Under the Baseball Moon (7-10). 750L
The Boy Who Saved Baseball (5-7). 660L

Rivers, K. Waiting to Dive (4-6).

Roberts, K. My Thirteenth Season (5-8). 730L

Smith, J. Comeback Season (YA).1070L

Spinelli, J. There’s a Girl in My Hammerlock (6-8). 520L

Streatfield, N. Tennis Shoes (4-6) White Boots (4+)

Testa, M. Some Kind of Pride (4-6). 660L

Voigt, C. Bad Girls, Bad Girls, Whatcha Gonna Do ? (7+)

Walters, E. Full Court Press (3-5). 580LLong Shot (2-5)

Wolff, V. Bat 6 (5-9). 930L